Welcome to the Node 8044 page.

Clicking the above image will take you to the IRLP status site with node connection information.

Node 8044 is connected a reflector full time. As I always say these days, " an idle node is a wasted node ".

The IRLP 3 board is secured to the case under the HDD mount in this build

This node is connected 24 hours. A few guidelines from IRLP.NET are important:


With reflector use the first thing we must all remember is to leave a gap between transmissions. Having said that this is a good time to list the three main rules when connected to a reflector:




Due to the slight increase in delays created by multiple Tone Squelch radios in the links between the repeater and IRLP link radio, a slight change in our normal operating procedures is required with IRLP.

By leaving a pause between transmissions it .....

allows users on other nodes a chance to check in.

allows other nodes time to send touch-tone commands to drop their node.

The most important guideline to remember is leaving a pause after pressing the PTT button as well as between transmissions.