IRLP Node 3221

IRLP DTMF Command List:

73 = Disconnects current IRLP connection (-Node is always connected. You must perform this first.)

*411 = Provides list of DTMF tones available

*412 = Provides instructions for IRLP

AA = Provides a list of Speed Dials

#### = Connects to IRLP NODE of your choice (Direct Dial, No prefix)

C#### = Connects to Echolink node.

The node is also now connected to Alaska Reflector, 9070 at all times. Local users who would like to connect to a different node, please wait for a pause by remote users on the reflector, announce your call sign and that you are disconnecting node 3221 for local use, and press 73. Also, make sure you are not disconnecting a local user who you may not be able to hear. The node will announce that it is CLEAR from the reflector and you may enter your IRLP (####) station ID number. Once you are complete, press 73 to drop your connection and you may re-connect to 9070 or simply leave it and it will re-connect to 9070 automatically.



Updated 6-2014


<-- UPDATE ! 7-2013 !

<-- NEW Update 5-23-14

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